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“5 Steps to Remodel Success”

Step 1.) “Free Estimates” ... Start with a completely sanitized and virus free 5-10 minute phone call to discuss your construction goals and budget expectations. If you can send us a few pictures prior, via text 208-509-6556 or email this will definitely help you to get the most out of your free consultation.

Step 2.) “On-site Consultations” ... Can usually be scheduled within 24-48 hours in most cases. Site visits are a great opportunity for us to guide you through the many design possibilities available to you in your unique situation. Site visits are $110 for a one-hour consultation. This fee is refunded if you decide to take the next step and give us the job.


Step 3.) “Deposit & Design” ... A deposit is made based on 10% of the estimated job cost to begin the design/planning process with a goal of staying within 20% of your budget target. This deposit, is also applied towards the construction of your project.


Step 4.) “Construction” ... Begins when you have a clear and detailed understanding of everything that will be done, the order in which it will be done, how long it will take to do it and exactly how much it will cost.


Step 5.) “Enjoy” ... Congratulations! Major renovations are no small achievement. Invite all your friends and neighbors over for a dinner party or BBQ. Take pride in your accomplishment. You’ve earned it!


How much will your remodel cost?

“How Much Will Your New Custom Build or Remodel Cost?”

While budget is always a valid consideration in deciding whether your project even makes economic sense for you, it is rarely the best way to choose your contractor. The price of your project has nothing to do with who you hire but rather the decisions you make with that contractor in the planning and design phase. Together, it is those choices that will ultimately decide your final costs. The price of your project is entirely up to you. An experienced contractor should serve to work with you and help you balance your budget and design. 

Consider the scope of your project... For example, are you wanting to build a new custom home or room addition?... 

Do you plan on occupying the space while the renovation takes place?

Do you have children or pets?

Are you pre-approved for a loan? 


Do you have land? 

Do you have an HOA? 

If so, have you spoken with them about the restrictions in your neighborhood? 

Do you have a blueprint? 

Where exactly are your property lines and how close can you build to them? 

Are any of your walls carrying the weight of your second story or roof? 

Have you made all the material choices to be installed? 

Was your home built before 1978? If so, do you know if lead paint or asbestos are present along with the health and environmental impact those materials can have on your family and community? 

In most cases it is rare that someone looking to complete a project has even thought to consider most of these questions. This is the reason you call a professional to consult with you on how, and where to begin. All these factors and many more can have a large impact on what can be built, where, and how much it will cost. You should also expect any reputable contractor to pull permits be licensed or registered, certified, and insured.  

Custom Home & Room Addition Builds ~

For custom home, ADU, and room addition builds you should expect your costs to start around the range of $250.00 a square foot for builder grade materials and amenities. Custom grade materials and amenities can raise those entry level costs an additional $100 per square foot and beyond depending on the design, your budget, and the choices you make in planning.  

Bathroom Remodels ~

A basic guest bathroom makeover/update can start between $10-15k. For a full tear-out and renovation of a guest or master bathroom it is reasonable to expect your costs to begin around $20-25k

Kitchen Remodels ~

Kitchen remodels are the one area you can make the most impact on the style and value of your home. On the lower end of the spectrum, you can expect a professional kitchen renovation to start between $40-50k and go up from there depending on your budget, the scope of work and material choices.

If you are serious about getting your project started, we invite you to our office to speak with one of our experts about turning your vision into a reality. We look forward to making your Design/Build experience both joyful and rewarding.

Success is a planned experience.